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Summit Electronics Dorchesster MASummit Electronics was Established in October 1995 when we realize the urgent demands for computer recyclers. The original goal of Summit was to provide companies with the means of recycling disposition for old computers and components, and also reselling when appropriate. Summit has taken the successful model approach to recycling and applied it to the needs of its multi-national, multicultural computer community clients. In 1999 Summit Electronic opened a Retail Store to address the demand of a growing Enduser Clients Base.

PSP3 repairs BostonToday Summit is a wholesale distributor consisting of divisions other than recycling. Summit is one of the world's best source for low cost hardware and software products. With our large database of wholesales and surplus distributors we act as a clearing house for their overstocks, obsolete, discontinued, over-produced and refurbishing equipment.

We offer many current version and promo hard and softwares at large discount. The goal is to sell in large volume while keeping our prices low. Whether it's hardware or software, all of the products are delivered at tremendous savings. Through our "one-stop shopping" approach Summit can provide a wide range of services from one location.

Summit has proven that it can help to build and facilitate the growth of the computer community, by providing top level service. That is or main theme.

Summit Laptop Reapir  
Summit Electronics Boston provides the following computer repair services and computer recycle services in Greater Boston Massachusetts.
Electronics repair Boston
Boston electronics repair
Xbox repair Boston
Boston Xbox repair center
Boston PSP repair
Boston gameboy repair
Boston Sony PSP repair
Boston electronics game repair
Boston business computer repair
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Corporate accounts computer repair
Dell computer repair Boston
Boston laptop repair
Boston computer repair
Computer repair center
Boston computer repair center
Boston MAC repair
Boston recycle
Boston recycle center
Boston waste reduction
Computer drop off
Computer redemption
Boston recycle computer pick up

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